Bath Time Toy

Yookidoo Flow ‘n Fill Spout – Bath Time Toy

Bath Time Toy

A visit to a friend’s house the other day introduced me to this wondrous piece of bath time “toyary”.

My child was instantly captivated and I could suddenly see the direction of the ‘suicide-hour’ battle changing from getting him into the bath, to getting him out of it.

I had to have it. OK, let me rephrase, my little man had to have it, because he’s a child and I’m an adult and adults don’t play with bath time toys because they’re adults. Right?

Besides being “oh-so-damn-cute,” Yookidoo’s Flow ‘n Fill Spout pumps water from within the bath, which has completely alleviated my child’s incessant need to turn on the tap. For that, I give Yookidoo a slow clap of honour. ‘Cause it’s bloody genius!

I found it online, and did a bit of digging on the brand. It seems they’re all about “celebrating the importance of discovery”. Their aim is to introduce an entirely new approach to play and learning through stimulating, interactive and highly innovative products.

Bath Time ToysYppkidoo Pic 2

This is what they have to say about it all, “Every baby’s development is a unique breakthrough; a wonderful journey of trial and error that engages the senses, stimulates the mind and body, and fosters baby’s continuing growth – physically, emotionally and intellectually. At Yookidoo, we’re proud to be able to take an enabling role in this beautiful journey.”

They talk about their baby toys as being about fun, entertainment, exploration and discovery, and after having a look at their range, I totally agree.

I will most certainly be adding to E’s collection, and lucky for (me and) all my mom friends, I’ve found a new go-to baba birthday gift.

Check ‘em out here.

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