Healthy Eating for Little Ones Workshop

Healthy Eating for Little Ones Workshop

‘Healthy’ is what the majority of moms strive for when it comes to their little ones. Eating healthily and, well, just living a healthy lifestyle. But how to actually achieve that is not always so clear.

We are bombarded with marketing on what is supposedly good for us and our children. When you take a closer look at these ‘healthy’ products and their ingredient list of ‘disguised’ sugars and preservatives, however, you realise they are anything but.

Cooking healthy is also pretty time consuming, especially when added to an already long to-do list. After a tiring day, the last thing your brain seems to be able to do is conjure up an evening meal that has everything in it that it should. And then there’s the challenge of getting your little one to eat it!

Mammas’ Meeting Place have developed the Healthy Eating for Little Ones Workshop to give moms all the info they need to keep their babas healthy and happy. The workshops focus on:

  • What a plate of healthy food looks like, ratio of carbs, protein, diary etc
  • What foods fall into each of those categories
  • How much food your little one should ideally eat, based on their age and looking ahead
  • Discuss meal and snack recipes, plus tips for staying healthy as a busy mom

Through these workshops we’re going to equip you with everything you need to know to help you start healthy habits right from the beginning. Unfortunately getting your child to actually eat the food is another story all together, but we will be here offering you moral support along the way.

Workshop info

  • The workshops will take place in the comfort of one of our MMP Mamma’s homes
  • Up to 10 moms can attend
  • Nannies can be arranged to look after busy little ones at a minimal expense to the mamma
  • Sessions are 1 and a half hours to 2 hrs long
  • Cost R240
  • Our definition of Little Ones: toddlers and up, and babies that have past the weaning phase

The workshops are currently taking place in Seapoint and Durbanville. Contact Hannah for dates


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Kelly Lynch – Dietician

Kelly Lynch Dietician
We have teamed up with the fab ladies at Kelly Lynch Dietician for the Seapoint & Durbanville workshops

Kelly Lynch Dieticians believes in a clean living philosophy! This includes helping clients to eat a clean, balanced and fresh food diet, while helping clients to manage their self-talk and belief systems around food and their body. We believe that if we address all the factors affecting nutritional behavior, we can improve the way clients feel, look, think and behave around food and their bodies! Ultimately, we want our clients to reach optimal physical and mental health for both themselves and their families!

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