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So just when you think you’ve got feeding down, along comes weaning. What now? Well, at least that’s what I thought when I first heard the term.

Introducing solids is a big milestone for mom and baby, but it’s another one of those first-time parenting ‘unknowns’ filled with loads of whens, whats and hows.

Well, fear not, because we’ve partnered with some pretty clued-up people who have all the answers to all of your questions and created the Weaning Workshop. Here are some of the topics we’ll be talking about:

  • When to introduce solids, cues of readinessLittle Girl Eating her dinner and making a mess
  • What to start with
  • What is healthy
  • How much should baby be getting at various stages
  • Fads and old wives tales – how to know best
  • Cooking demo’s with recipes and take home tubs
  • Plus lots of talking and questions from moms

The sessions are relaxed and interactive and will equip moms with the knowledge they need to feel empowered about this stage, and not overwhelmed. Moms will also have the opportunity to meet other moms, which is what MMP is all about.

Who are they for?

These workshops are for moms introducing, or about to introduce, solids.

How do they run?

  • They take place in a mom’s houseRainbow heart of fruits and vegetables
  • They are for up to 10 moms and babies
  • The moms bring their babies, so childcare is not needed
  • Teas, coffee, cold drink and biscuits are provided
  • They are 1 and a half hours

Cost is R240, to be paid in advance to secure your place by EFT.

Booking is essential, so please email to reserve your place or request a session in your area.

We have teamed up with the fab ladies at Kelly Lynch Dietician for the Seapoint & Durbanville workshops

Kelly Lynch DieticiaKelly Lynch Logo (Large) (1)ns believes in a clean living philosophy! This includes helping clients to eat a clean, balanced and fresh food diet, while helping clients to manage their self-talk and belief systems around food and their body. We believe that if we address all the factors affecting nutritional behavior, we can improve the way clients feel, look, think and behave around food and their bodies! Ultimately, we want our clients to reach optimal physical and mental health for both themselves and their families!

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