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Meeting milestones becomes a hot topic from the moment you have a baby. Is your little one sitting up? Can he crawl yet? Is he sleeping through? Depending where your child sits on the progress spectrum, and how big your competitive streak is, it’s one of those conversations that can make or break your day.


Such as with most things baby and toddler related, it’s very easy to compare what your little one has been able to master, with the skills of babies of a similar age. In those moments it’s also easy to forget your baba is unique and will develop in his own time. Instead, you stop trusting your instincts and panic kicks in. Before you know it, you’ve Googled the numbers of specialists and classes you – until that moment – never knew exist and didn’t have a need for.

We all know our little ones are going to be overachievers in some life-skill category when they’re big, I mean Luke will most definitely be president one day. A dream like that can certainly put a lot of pressure on a mom to help her baby build the right foundation in order to one day achieve greatness, especially in those all-important first few years of their life.

Mammas’ Meeting Place is all about empowering moms and helping them help themselves on this crazy journey called Motherhood. With this in mind, we’ve teamed up with ex-physiotherapist and mom of four, Sharon Kloppers, to run a workshop on baby and toddler development. Sharon will talk us through what really is important when it comes to milestones, and how we can help our little people achieve them without spending a fortune, losing our minds (and our mom friends), or being slaves to Google.

“It is helpful to talk through each milestone development, such as sitting, crawling, walking and talking, and how we can encourage children in as natural and positive way as possible” says Sharon. “Life develops us all naturally. Toys can be great, but in terms of development there are very few toys you need. The key to successful development is interaction with parents.”

The sessions are discussion based and provide lots of chances for you to ask all your questions. Sharon will share her knowledge and experience as well as her little black book of must-have-on-hand specialists. So come along with your little ones, meet other moms just as cool as you, and see what you can do to prepare your child for ultimate world domination.

The next workshop is in Durbanville. Michelle from Clamber Club Babies is kindly hosting the workshop.

Date and time – Friday 4th at 2pm

Location – Vierlanden, Durbanville

Cost – R200

Booking is essential by emailing



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