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    I Owe you an Apology

    Well hello there you beautiful thing you. Thanks for popping back after all this time. Yes, I confess, it’s been about a year and a half since my last blog post. I guess…


    The Terrible Twos Have Struck

    For a while there I was all like, “what’s so terrible about the twos?’ And then it happened. Literally over night. Some strange demonesque like creature stole my sweet little E and…

  • h&m cape town

    OK, H&M you’ve sold me

    So, we were all just a little excited about the launch of H&M in our country. Well needless to say this little piece of communication has turned my crush with the fashion…

  • active wear

    You wear that active wear

    In case you haven’t noticed, it’s become socially acceptable to wear you ‘active wear’ well, anywhere. Doing anything. Even if that anything is nothing… Here’s LOLZ about that for ya! If you…

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    Meeting milestones becomes a hot topic from the moment you have a baby. Is your little one sitting up? Can he crawl yet? Is he sleeping through? Depending where your child sits…

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    DIY Cereal Box Draw Divider

    Storage excites me. The idea that I can create some semblance of order in my otherwise chaotic life helps form the illusions that I have control over something. Albeit a little thing.…