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  • Healthy Eating for Little Ones Workshop

    Healthy Eating for Little Ones Workshop

    ‘Healthy’ is what the majority of moms strive for when it comes to their little ones. Eating healthily and, well, just living a healthy lifestyle. But how to actually achieve that is…

  • Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 5.25.41 PM


    Meeting milestones becomes a hot topic from the moment you have a baby. Is your little one sitting up? Can he crawl yet? Is he sleeping through? Depending where your child sits…

  • Go Mamma - Mom and baby exercise classes

    Get your body back with your baby

    You’ve spent 9 months turning food into a baby. You haven’t seen your feet in so long you could have a gown a 6th toe for all you know. But now baba’s…

  • Wildekraans wine Estate

    Wildekrans Wine Estate – Review

    You know when you head off for a weekend away and you arrive at night? It’s dark. The oh-so-important routine’s gone to pot, and exhaustion has turned your normally sweet, gorgeous munchkin…

  • Meet the MMP Mamma - Kim Henshilwood

    Meet the MMP Mamma – Kim Henshilwood

    Kim Henshilwood, this month’s MMP mamma… is founder of Henshilwood Design, a boutique studio specialising in beautifully crafted graphic design. When not prettying up the world one piece of work at a…

  • Mandela Day

    Mandela Day Baby Care Collection

    Mandela, the father of our nation, lived to make this country a better place for all of us. He may no longer be standing at the helm, but we have the ability…