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So your little one takes their first steps and you’re all like, ‘Yay!’ and ‘So cute!’ and then there’s suddenly no stopping them… They’re here, there and just about everywhere before you’ve screwed the lid on a bottle.

That’s why their brand new, adorably soft feet need protection from all the nasties lurking on the ground.

But slapping any old shoe on their delicate ‘little piggies’ just won’t do. They need something that’s going to help the development of their balance, strength and coordination, and that something is a soft-soled baby shoe lovingly made by Shooshoos.

This proudly South African company took its very first baby steps in 1996 when their little family had a big idea. “Let’s get idle hands busy making happy shoes for baby feet.”

So they set about teaching people from disadvantaged communities to uplift themselves by making the very best baby shoes for little growing feet.

That was some 3 million pairs of shoes ago! Wowzers, pretty impressive for a little South African company. But it’s no wonder really, because their little Shooshoos have absolutely no toxic bits, no harmful substances, are tested and are all 100% safe. They’re also stumble resistant and easy to put on, which is probably the biggest parental bugbear when it comes to shoes and little feet.

So Shooshoos, today we take our Mammas’ Meeting Place hat off to your shoes. Keep doing what you’re doing you leather-loving peeps!

Take a look at their awesome collection here: Image 2

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