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Patricia Dolz 5Meet Patricia Dolz, this month’s MMP Mamma. She lives in Cape Town with her husband and two boys, Khaya aged 3 and Owakhe aged 5. Patricia is a working mom and self-confessed fashionista. Her Facebook photos are testament to this as she is always immaculately dressed and more often that not wearing a pair of killer heels, this is despite having two energetic boys in tow. Monday to Friday Patricia starts at 5am and she is up and out before her boys are awake, leaving dad to get the boys ready for the day. Weekends are family time and these are spent either at home or out and about as a family.

1. Describe your first week of being a mom in 3 words.

Amazing, emotional and tough

2.  Give us your top 3 must-haves for new moms?

1 = Breathing monitor/sensor

2 = Sleeping bag/swaddling blanket

3 = Telement drops

3. Give us your top 3 could-have-done-withouts for new moms?

Manual Breast milk pump (didn’t work for me) and breast pads

 4. What’s the most inappropriate thing anyone said or did to you when you were pregnant?

Strangers touching my tummy and talking to my baby. People think they’re not touching you but the baby!

 5. If we take a look in your nappy bag what would we find?

Changing mat, bum cream and a dummy

 6. What product should every mom have in their nappy bag?

Wet wipes, they solve any messy problem

7. Best piece of mom advice you’ve received, and from whom?

Massage your baby, said a strangerPatricia Dolz 4

8. What do you wish you had been told before having your little one/s?

It’s emotionally exhausting

9. What has becoming a mom taught you about yourself?

It has shown me that I actually do have patience

10. What’s the most important thing you’d like to teach your child?

Respecting others goes a long way.

11. What do you think your little one’s going to be when he/she/they are big?

My 3 year old boy will be a sportsman as he’s very active, always jumping.  My 5 year old son will be a professional doctor or lawyer.  He strikes me as the type who likes to study.

12. What part of your upbringing will you carry forward in raising your own child?

Praying, believing in God. Sticking to the 10 commandments

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