Meet the MMP Mamma - Kim Henshilwood

Meet the MMP Mamma – Kim Henshilwood

Kim Henshilwood, this month’s MMP mamma…

is founder of Henshilwood Design, a boutique studio specialising in beautifully crafted graphic design. When not prettying up the world one piece of work at a time, she hangs out with her two little rugrats, Mila (2.5) and Rebecca (1) who she loves most in the world (bar her husband, Nick, of course).

1. Describe your first week of being a mom in 3 words.

Head over heels!

2. Give us your top 3 must-haves for new moms?

IMG_3729Angelcare monitor (or any good brand that has a sensor pad for detecting breathing)

Kangaroo Pod baby carrier wrap and/or a Babybjorn. Especially if you have a new baby and a toddler! You need your hands free.

A truck load of wet wipes.

3. Give us your top 3 could-have-done-withouts for new moms?

Medela Calma bottle and Medela electric bottle warmer (Medela Swing Breast pump is very good though)

Scented bathing soaps or creams.

Clothes bought for the wrong age/season. Babies grow so fast and it’s such a pity not being able to use them.

4. What’s the most inappropriate thing anyone said or did to you when you were pregnant?

Can’t think of anything really, didn’t mind all the fuss and tummy rubs. People did tend to look at my tummy before my face when walking past, which wasn’t that great.

5. If we take a look in your nappy bag what would we find?

A small Sudocreme, lots of nappies, a change of clothes for both kids, sun hats and sunscreen or warm jerseys and socks depending on weather, a bib, dummies in a container, bottles, formula holder, water bottle, nappy bags, changing mat, sunnies for mom, lip balm for mom, hairbands, hair clips for toddler, maybe some snacks for kids, cellphone, small bottle of bubbles and a small toy, wallet, wet wipes…it’s a big bag!

IMG_19626. What product should every mom have in their nappy bag?

Wet wipes

7. Best piece of mom advice you’ve received, and from whom?

“This too shall pass” Read it on a blog. And that goes for all the cute rewarding moments too.

8. What do you wish you had been told before having your little one/s?

Enjoy your tight body (esp those breasts) while you can. Enjoy your spare time to read, uninterrupted meals and those lazy lie-in’s on a weekend morning.

Take a few moments every day to absorb the moment and how cute they are at that stage cause it seriously does fly by!

And most importantly – there is no right or wrong. Do what works for you.

9. What has becoming a mom taught you about yourself?

It’s made me far more patient, confident and less particular about the small things. Children make life feel fuller/richer, I kinda wish I’d done it all sooner. And lastly, that I’m much more of a softy than I realised.

10. What’s the most important thing you’d like to teach your child?

To have confidence in yourself. You can do anything!IMG_2482

11. What do you think your little one’s going to be when he/she/they are big?

An engineer or industrial designer by the look of things. And I’m sure she’ll enjoy a bit of extreme sport of some kind in her spare time! The little one seems to love music…looking forward to seeing what actually happens.

12. What part of your upbringing will you carry forward in raising your own child?

That family is your rock. To appreciate being healthy and recognize the power and beauty of nature. A love for horses. And daddy will pass on his love and respect for the ocean.

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