Life is precious and pressured. But all too often the latter over-shadows the former. It’s easy to get caught up in a fast-paced way of living where feeling anxious or stressed becomes ‘the norm’.

As amazing as it was being a mom for the first time, I also found it really stressful. Those first 3 months were like nothing I have ever experienced. I often felt completely overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions, which were intensified by a lack of sleep.

It all got easier as Luke grew and I got to grips with motherhood, but the desire to only want the best for my little one coupled with endless parental to-do lists often sends my heart racing.

I quickly learned that these stresses weren’t going to go away. They were a part of life. A part of being a parent, and I had to learn how to manage them if I was going to be a happy, healthy mom.

I looked into a lot of methods from yoga to meditation, mindfulness and more. But the one that really ‘stuck’, was HeartMath.

I met Sam, a HeartMath coach, at a birthday party, and after a lengthy conversation she had convinced me to embark on a short HeartMath course.

In brief this is what I learnt: Our emotions have a direct impact on our physiology and resilience. Emotions such as appreciation and love result in regular heart rhythm patterns, and is linked with increased energy, being in the flow, cortical facilitation and performance.

However, emotions such as anxiety or frustration result in an irregular heart rhythm pattern and is linked with exhaustion, mistakes, cortical inhibition and break down.

HeartMath is a validated system of technology and techniques where the technology maps out your heart rhythm pattern giving you real-time insight into your emotional, physical and mental state. This has a direct correlation with your nervous system and the emotions you are feeling. If you have a fluctuating heart rhythm pattern, your body produces more adrenalin and cortisol causing chaos.

So, my body was basically in chaos.  The HeartMath techniques taught me how to acknowledge and manage my stress, how to self regulate in the moment and in turn feel more in control, feel calmer and be more relaxed as a mom.

I know I’m not alone in how I felt, and I know others would benefit from the techniques HeartMath teaches, which is why we’ve teamed up with HeartMath to create a morning workshop for parents and expecting parents to help you manage your stress. The workshop will cover the following areas and more:

  • The importance of self care
  • Understanding the impact we have on our kids (and foetus) and partner – mentally, emotionally, physically
  • How to self regulate and feel more in control
  • How to be the best version of myself
  • Balancing a hectic lifestyle
  • Values and the importance of them
  • How to communicate more effectively with partner and kids
  • Improving relationships
  • Making big decisions
  • How to improve your resilience
  • How to help your children deal with challenging situations

HeartMath teaches you skills that help you as an individual, you as a partner, and you as a parent. It can also help you help your children. We may want them to stay young and safe forever, but the sad reality is we can’t. The world is going to take them on a path full of ups and downs and throw some pretty big curve balls at them along the way. Equipping them with the skills to manage this will be hugely beneficial.

The first workshop is taking place on Saturday 7th May from 9.30am, 12.30pm. It will be at the Workshed in the Waterfront. The cost is R500.

Contact Hannah@mammasmeetingplace.co.za for information and to book your space. Spaces are limited so book soon!

Checkout the HeartMath website for more information on HeartMath http://www.heartmathsouthafrica.co.za/parenting/

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