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Meet the MMP Mamma – Kate Royce

1511915_10153752623925503_129027396_nKate Royce is an advertising copywriter, co-founder of Mammas Meeting Place and adoring mother to little Ethan whom, she is convinced, is set to be the greatest adventurer and explorer the world has ever known.

1. Describe your first week of being a mom in 3 words.

There are none.

2. Give us your top 3 must-haves for new moms?

A nappy bag you love, you’re going to be using it a lot.
A Sleep Sheep, I live on a busy road and it’s a life-saver.
A hands-on helper, a mom is first prize.

3. Give us your top 3 could-have-done-withouts for new moms?

Hooded towels, who needs ‘em?
I also got given a lot of tiny shoes, which are just not worth the effort.
Unsolicited advice can go too.

4. What’s the most inappropriate thing anyone said or did to you when you were pregnant?

When one of the ladies at work found out I was pregnant she said, “Oh, thank goodness. I thought you were just getting fat for the winter.”

5. If we take a look in your nappy bag what would we find?

Snacks and more snacks. Ethan’s like an eating machine at the moment. Sunscreen. A hat. A change of clothes. Nappies. Sudocrem and wipes, wipes, wipes.

6. What product should every mom have in their nappy bag?

Sudocrem, I couldn’t live without the stuff.

7. Best piece of mom advice you’ve received, and from whom?

Everything is a phase. Just as you start to worry about it, they stop doing it. – My friend Lindsey.

8. What do you wish you had been told before having your little one/s?

Have more afternoon naps!

9. What has becoming a mom taught you about yourself?

I’m far less selfish than I thought.

10. What’s the most important thing you’d like to teach your child?

To love living and never take for granted how incredible this world is.

11. What do you think your little one’s going to be when he/she/they are big?

He’s obsessed with a basketball and a rugby ball at the moment, so I’m guessing a professional sportsman for now.

12. What part of your upbringing will you carry forward in raising your own child?

Open communication. My parents created an open and honest environment, which meant I never felt uncomfortable talking about or asking anthing. It’s important to me that Ethan feels the same way.


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  • Reply Anette Lyngholm Bang 4th October 2016 at 11:55 am

    Hi Kate,

    I have just started Mama Moves, a new babywearing dance class here in Cape Town. And would like to invite to come for a class, and kindly if you could share your experience on your blog.
    I’ve been referred to you by Sarah Huddy (the Mommy City), who thought you might be interested.

    As being a mom myself I found it challenging to go out and attend different classes, getting exercise etc. when you also have a baby that needs you 24/7. So, I started Mama Moves where moms (and dads) can bring their baby and dance with them while they are safely placed on them in a baby carrier. It is fun, good exercise for mom, bonding time with baby and also gives mom a chance to meet other moms.

    If you would like to hear more about it, you can also check out my facebook page:

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Warm regards,

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