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Hydration station {My top 3 Autumn/Winter body care must-have’s for 2016}

{Guest Post} SA Mom Blogger, Celeste Booysen, of the blog Being Me gives us her guide to the perfect hydration station for your skin with her top 3 Autumn/Winter body care must-have’s for 2016

Although there are still some warmer days upon us, it’s safe to say Winter is well and truly on its way, so now is the time to start preparing yourself and your body to be ready for the dry-skin battle. Now I am not complaining, I actually prefer the Autumn months and love getting all inspired with new warmer clothes and Make-up. What I don’t like so much is the harshness the icy air and cool winds can have on my skin and lips. So I thought I would let you in on my little secret for awesome hydrated and happy skin and lips as we head into winter 2016.

This is not going to be a very long post. I just mainly want to share three products with you that I will never be without. Two for my handbag and another for after my shower or bath. If you look back on a lot of my posts or instagram pictures, you will see a trend in the fact that I am somewhat of a Body Shop geek and so it goes without saying that I have to include these. Another is a very big love of mine and that is a product from the Oh Lief range of natural product. I have actually often referred to it as one of my holy grail products and the very best R50 ever spent.

The three products I have are a Lip Balm, a body butter & two Hand cream items and for each one I will tell you what I love about them, why you simply must have them and how I use them.

For the Body

Hydration station {My top 3 Autumn/Winter body care must-have's for 2016}

The Body Shop Body Butter

The first product in my line up of absolute must have’s for Autumn/Winter 2016 is the Body Shop range of Body Butter’s. I happen to be using the Coconut Body butter at the moment, that I was given for my birthday, (yes, my friends know what I like) but over the years I have used all sorts of different ones from the collection. I tend to stick to the more earthy/whole scents for the cooler months and opt for the more fruity counterparts for the warmer times, if and when I feel my skin needs a little bit of a boost. In the summer/spring time I usually opt for the Body Souffles though. As I get older, I find my skin is a lot drier than my young adult life. If I don’t drink my Omega 3’s or enough water and sufficiently hydrate my skin with a nourishing cream,  I can instantly look like I have been lying on my back in the Sahara within days of neglecting to do these important things. When the weather cools and the cold air hits, this only amplifies the dryness. Wearing more layers of clothing and also getting dressed after a shower without applying a good body cream or butter is asking for dry flaky and even itchy chapped skin. So if you add only one new product to your body care line up this season then this should be it.

What I love about this product:

It is an intensive, creamy butter that offers easily up to 24 hours of moisturisation. It absorbs into the skin easily, helping to condition, soften and smooth the skin .I don’t find it greasy or heavy, in-fact once it has absorbed, all you are left with is smooth silky and happy skin. You can almost feel your skin saying ‘thank you” once you have applied it.  You can get dressed immediately and don’t have the hassle of stickiness or a greasy layer, that some  body butter’s leave behind. As with all the Body Shop products, the subtle and beautiful fragrance that is left on your skin is amazing. It is never overpowering or strong but just enough to remind you that you have something pretty wonderful caressing your body.

Why you simply must have one… Or a few

Well I can attest to the fact that besides it being a gorgeous product that really works, is its complete value for money. A little goes an incredibly long way. I got this current tub in February and I have used it everyday on my whole body and I still have at-least a quarter tub left. This tub will probably see me through April and into May, so I feel that this is really a very wise buy. The 200ml tub sells for R170 but you also sometimes get the larger tubs which is even more bang for your buck. Body shop are committed to fair trade too, which is something I am pretty passionate about and so when you purchase this product you can do so with a good conscience. Remember to keep an eye out for the Body shop 3 for 2 promotions or buy one get one free that you sometimes find on these body butter’s. That is really when you should think about stocking up and setting yourself up with a few different fragrances from the range.

How I like to use it

I have two ways in which I benefit the most from this product. The first is to use it on ever so slightly damp skin, straight after my shower or bath. You really do still need to be warm and your pores should all still be nice and open from the steam. I take about a R5 coin sized amount in my palms and warm it through. I then massage it into my skin from my shoulders right down to my feet. I like to pay special attention to my ankles, knees and elbows. My second way of using this product is as an amazing foot cream at night. On clean dry feet, I massage a small amount into my feet and pay special attention to my heel area. After the product has absorbed for the most part, I put on a pair of thin cotton socks and leave them on overnight. You can be guaranteed of the worlds softest, happiest feet all winter long and by the time summer comes, you wont need to go for a foot peel series to make your feet pedi ready and can paint your toenails a bright colour and hop straight into those gorgeous strappy sandals.

For the Hands

Hydration station {My top 3 Autumn/Winter body care must-have's for 2016}

The Body Shop Hemp Hand protector and Almond hand and nail cream

Hands for me are one of my struggle areas in the colder months. They are the part of me that take the biggest beating. I don’t like to wear gloves out in the cold, and I have my hands in water quite a bit with having three children. My hands are often exposed to icy cold wind, freezing cold tap water and a heater that is on all day in my office because in the building I work in, it feels like I am working in the North Pole on most days. A heater in your home or office has one of the most drying effects on the skin, and so finding a hand cream that is non greasy that can actually tackle the effects of skin abused by a dry air environment is a tall order. so I have two must have hand products, because it really is tough to find a one size fits all hand product that can target all my needs at once.

What I love about them, How I use them and why you simply must buy them

I have tons of different hand creams at home and I keep the cute little woolworths hand creams in places like the bathroom or at the kitchen sink for instance for in between uses but the two items I value the most and have could not live without, would be my hard-working and very reliable body shop hand care products. I have one that stays in my handbag and is with me all the time, which is the divinely soothing Almond hand and nail cream, and another which is my saving grace that I use after working in water or if I am going though a particularly dry skin day on my hands like if I have been out or am planning to be out in the cold air a lot or working in the garden, and that is the Hemp hand protector. As the name suggest, this is more than a regular hand cream, it protects it from the elements and is an absolute lifesaver for hardworking hands. I have used so many different hand care products over the years and I always come back to the Body shop range. The Almond hand and nail cream is lovely and light, and non greasy.  It is great for use during the day to keep your hands looking smooth and your cuticles nice and soft. It has a divine fragrance and contains a manicurist’s must have sweet almond oil. The Hemp Hand protector contains fair trade Hemp seed oil and it is extremely nourishing and you can feel a layer of protection going down on your skin as you use it, yet it does not leave a greasy film. It just form an amazing barrier against the elements. These two products combined but used as the demand arises will be sure to keep your hands soft and happy this coming season.

These hand creams come in two sizes. I also have the smaller sizes because I find the bigger ones an awkward size. The handbag sized tubes cost around R55 and the larger tubes are R130 each. The Body shop is currently running an amazing campaign on the Hemp Hand protector. if you buy this limited edition tube then the Body shop will donate R30 to a charity that you vote for.

For the Lips

Hydration station {My top 3 Autumn/Winter body care must-have's for 2016}

Oh Lief natural lip balm – Roman Chamomile

My last product for my line-up is for the lips. You know that feeling all too well, you’re out in the cold autumn air, and your lips start to burn and feel dry so you lick them, and that is where the trouble starts. This particular product is as mentioned above, is somewhat of a holy grail for me. I have already written a full length post on it which you can read here. I wrote that post on the 13th of May 2015 and I have been using the same little container of lip balm since then. All the details are in the post but it cost me nothing more than R50 and it has been my absolute go to for nourished and smooth lips since.  I have bought and tried a few other lip balms in between but they just do not compare. Once in a tight squeeze where I left my hand creams out of my bag, I even used it on my hands, it’s that good. It works a charm for scratches and insect bites too so it really is very versatile. So there really is no excuse, if you have ever wondered about using this product, even just for a split millisecond then you must go out and get some.  You can thank me later. Your lips will never be the same again. It is also 100% natural and as mentioned in my post it is a good one to have in the kid’s school bags too.

So there you have it.  If you are like me and your skin needs that little bit of extra attention during the colder months, then I really hope you will try some of these product. Please let me know if you do and what you thought of them. Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite winter skin products are. I might like to give them a bash if I haven’t already. I would love to hear from you.

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*This was not a sponsored post.  I simply adore all these products and wanted to share them with you. I obtained the products I mentioned on my own,

Take care

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