DIY Cereal Box Draw Divider

Storage excites me. The idea that I can create some semblance of order in my otherwise chaotic life helps form the illusions that I have control over something. Albeit a little thing.CerealBoxDrawerDividers13

I’m also a lover of ‘upcycling’. Finding a new use for something useless makes me pat-myself-on-the-back happy, particularly if it gives me an excuse to bring out the washi tape.

When the two come together, well that’s me finished! So when I came across this DIY Cereal Box Draw Divider from I heart Organizing, I almost tossed my husband aside and declared my undying love for this genius lady. A rather over-the-top reaction I admit, but like I said, storage excites me.

When you’ve stopped ooing and aahing at the sheer prettiness of these life-changing little compartments, take a look at the  how to here. It’s so quick and easy you can do it while your little one is napping. If you’re not napping yourself that it. Which you should be. *YAWWWWN*


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