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Apple Roses Recipe

The Apple Roses Recipe that’s Breaking the Internet

I came across this rather impressive little Apple Roses Recipe the other day, and apparently so did the rest of the world. It’s now had about a bazillion views. OK a slight exaggeration, but it’s had a lot, and I’ve seen various attempts to master the mastery of these precious little morsels over pretty much all the social media channels in the last couple of weeks.

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Being one who suffers from a severe case of constant FOMO, I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to put my rather rusty baking skills to the tFullSizeRender_2est. And these, *drum roll please* are the results.

I’m not going to write the recipe here because it’s in the 2-minute video below, and that might err on the side of plagiarism. (Ain’t no mamma got time for a law suit.) Ooooh Suits. Ohhh Harvey Specter. Ok, back to Apple Roses.

So let me leave the credit where the credit is due and prompt you to watch the pretty pictures below instead.

I will, however, tell you why these little ‘oh-so-pretty’ puddings are a must to make. So here goes:

  • They’re easy as pie. Wait, no, they’re easier than pie to make.
  • There’s loads for your little one to help with, rolling, sprinkling, banFullSizeRenderging. It comes down to the kitchen utensil you’re willing to risk in a toddlers hands really.
  • Guest will fall at your feet tears streaming down their faces in absolute awe at your mastery. Unless they too have seen the vid that is. In which case, they’ll be mildly impressed.
  • If these reasons aren’t reason enough for you to get your hands dirty, then just hang around your mates’ kitchens. One of them will cave. I can assure you!



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